Dr Jordan Kamel - excessive sweating









Dr Jordan Kamel
Neurologist, Electromyographer

Consulting: Fitzroy, Patterson Lakes

Dr Jordan Kamel is a Neurologist with a sub-specialty interest in neurophysiology (the study of muscles and nerves). He trained as a specialist in Melbourne and London and developed an interest in disease of muscles and nerves and experience in the treatment of tremor and muscle spasm with injectable therapies.   He is a visiting neurologist at the St Vincent’s Hospital in the Muscle and Nerve Clinic and The Alfred Hospital in the Movement Disorder Program.


Dr Kamel provides expert assessment and testing for nerve and muscle disorders using EMG and nerve conduction studies. Urgent  appointments can be made.

Ordering Nerve Conduction Studies


Dr Kamel specializes in the treatment of excessive sweating under the arms (hyperhidrosis). Treatment with fine needle injections improve symptoms. This treatment in the arm-pits that can be effective for up to 6 months. Appointments can be made with Dr Kamel to treat hyperhidrosis at our Fitzroy rooms.