Anne Abbott
Associate Professor Anne Abbott
Consulting: Knox Private, Wantirna
Professional Affiliations: Monash University and the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne.

A/Prof Anne Abbott graduated from Adelaide University Medical School and completed neurologist training at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. She moved to Melbourne and did a PhD in stroke prevention at the Austin Hospital and post-doctoral research at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.

A/Prof Abbott’s major research discovery was that a person’s risk of stroke can be reduced by at least 80% by them adopting a healthy lifestyle and the appropriate use of medication. These measures reduce the risk of stroke and other complications (like heart attack) and reduce the need for surgical procedures by reducing or eliminating the deleterious effects of ‘risk factors’ such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking or physical inactivity.

A/Prof Abbott’s special interest is stroke and general neurology. Her passion is for improving patient outcomes and health service standards. She is internationally recognised for improving practice and policy regarding stroke prevention, particularly associated with carotid artery disease. She leads an international expert stroke prevention group ( as part of this work. A/Prof Abbott is renowned for the time she spends with patients (allowing 75 minutes for a new patient and 30 minutes for a review). A/Prof Abbott is also well known for her comprehensive reporting to referring doctors, with copies being provided to all patients. This allows improved patient understanding of their own health.