Solutions for severe headache and migraine provided by Specialist Neurologists

Headache and migraine are a major cause of disability in the community.

MigraineEpisodic Migraine are headaches that develop up to 7 times per month and settle with or without treatment. You need an emergency management plan ready to treat these painful and severe headaches. Lifestyle changes, avoidance of triggers, physical therapies and sometimes regular medications (preventers) are helpful.

Chronic Migraine are headaches, head pain and migrainous ‘flares’ that occur more than 14 days per month. Chronic pain and impairment may have been present for many years. It is most important to carefully consider medication use with an expert, avoid triggers and look at physical therapies.

Our state-wide group of clinics use injectable therapies (anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant with ultra-fine needles) to treat chronic migraine.

Our expert Neurologists will put together a carefully considered, evidence based management plan to improve migraine.

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Do you have Chronic Migraine? Are your headaches:



  • Occurring more than 14 days per month?
  • Requiring frequent pain relief?
  • Have you used migraine preventers?


Then you may have chronic migraine which is the most severe form because of the persistence and long term pain. Treatment can be difficult but injectable treatments have been shown to help many patients, even when other therapies have failed. You may qualify for the injectable medication free of charge (PBS) if you have tried several headache preventers.

At Neurology Network Melbourne we have 30 doctors, including those who specialize primarily in the treatment of these severe headaches and provide injectable treatments.

Subsidised injectable treatments now available


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  Medicare and PBS rebates are available for these treatments