Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the nerves in the brain, spine and the visual system. MS is diagnosed when doctors are able to confirm that nerve functions have been changed by inflammation. Changes in nerve function may be of any severity, and in most cases do show signs of improvement with treatment.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis depend on where in the brain or spine the inflammation occurs and the function of the nerves affected. Inflammation stops the nerves work properly by blocking the electrical impulses which usually carry information.


Multiple sclerosisSpecialist Neurologists make the diagnosis based on symptoms and MRI brain scan findings. Other tests are often required, such as lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and blood tests.

Being diagnosed with MS is difficult for many people, as the challenges and uncertainty are unsettling and worrying. Having a good relationship with your neurologist, and arming yourself with information is a good way to come to terms with the path forward.

The MS Society is a large organisation with many resources for newly diagnosed people, families and friends.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis

There are many highly effective treatment options for people with multiple sclerosis. Each has its own potential benefits and side effects. Doctors will discuss personalized approaches to these options. This will include options of oral, injectable treatments or infusions in hospital.

An understanding of the treatment options in MS requires some reading and thought. Always know your options and be prepared to discuss with your Neurologist.

Treatment options

MS diagnosis and management (NHS Website)


The team at Neurology Network Melbourne include some of the most experienced and well respected specialists in the field of Neuroimmunology.

  • Dr Katherine Buzzard has subspeciality training in MS; she consults at Box Hill
  • Dr Martin Short has significant research interests in MS; he consults at Fitzroy
  • Dr Olga Skibina has subspeciality training in MS, leads the Alfred MS Clinic; she consults at Box Hill
  • Dr Luke Chen is visiting neurologist at the Alfred MS clinic; he consults at St Kilda Rd, Fitzroy and Box Hill

All Neurologists at Neurology Network Melbourne are trained in the management of MS.