Neurologists who practice at NNM specialize in neurological disorders of hearing and balance (neuro-otology). Dr Luke Chen is a leading expert and is well known within this field of neuro-otology and also has an appointment at the Alfred Hospital. All specialists at Neurology Network are trained in the evaluation of Vertigo and Balance Disorders.

Dizziness is a common symptom that may be caused by different conditions. The sensations of unsteadiness, spinning, imbalance or feeling lightheaded may indicate problems with the inner ear, balance part of the brain, blood pressure or other balance faculties.

Vestibular disorders cause the symptoms of vertigo, an illusion of motion, and imbalance. Vestibular disorders may be due to an inner ear or connecting brain pathway problem. The management of vestibular disorders depend on identifying the symptoms, examination findings during an episode of vertigo, and appropriate vestibular function tests.

At Neurology Network Melbourne Luke offers an urgent referral and assessment service of patients with vertigo utilizing the latest diagnostic technology to accurately diagnose the cause of these symptoms.

The four most common causes of vertigo are:

  1. Benign positional vertigo
  2. Meniere’s disease
  3. Migraine (often without headache)
  4. Vestibular neuronitis (acute peripheral vestibulopathy)

Further information on these conditions and other causes of dizziness that the experienced team at Neurology Network diagnose and manage can be found in the following links:

Patient information on dizziness and balance disorders: Prof Tim Hain: Dizziness, Balance and Hearing Disorders