Within our practice we have a number of Neurologists who specialize in diseases that effect the muscles and the nerves.Broadly there is a separation between the conditions in which the nerves do not convey messages properly and those where the muscles are unable to generate the necessary power, are weak or are unable to relax.

In many cases testing of nerve and muscle function requires tests::

  • Nerve conduction studies
  • EMG (Electromyography)

These tests are performed by a Neurologist or Scientist who specializes in nerve and muscle function. The tests are performed over a 30-60 minute period, in the office.


Dr Saman Punchihewa     Dr Mahi Jasinarachchi     Dr Martin Short     Dr Katrina Reardon     Dr Kurien Koshy    Dr Ed Rodrigues

Available at:

St Kilda Rd     Fitzroy     Box Hill     Wantirna     Patterson Lakes


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