A/Prof Patrick Carney

Consulting: Box Hill

A/Prof Carney practices in the fields of general neurology, epilepsy and neurological sleep disorders.

He completed his undergraduate training at the University of Newcastle with a bachelor of science with honours and a bachelor of medicine with honours. He moved to Melbourne to pursue training in Neurology working at Austin Health and Royal Melbourne Hospital.  A/Prof Carney has completed his PhD in Epilepsy working with the Brain Research Institute (now part of the Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental health) and the Epilepsy Research Centre.  He continues to have an active research interest in imaging in epilepsy and diagnosis in patients following a first ever seizure.

A/Prof Carney has worked for many years at Austin Health and Eastern Health and has recently taken up the position of Deputy Director of Neurology at Eastern Health. He retains an active role in the Comprehensive Epilepsy Programme at Austin Health where he is involved in the evaluation of patients with Epilepsy, including planning and assisting in surgical management of epilepsy. A/Prof Carney also established a clinic at Austin Health specialising in disorders of daytime somnolence and abnormal nocturnal behaviours and continues to have an interest in this area.

A/Prof Carney is a specialist neurologist with an interest in epilepsy, sleep medicine and general neurology. He is Deputy Director of Neurology at Box Hill Hospital and trained at The Austin Hospital.