Doctor Saman Punchihewa
Neurologist, Clinical Neurophysiologist (Electromyography/Nerve Conduction Studies)

Consulting: St Kilda Rd

Dr Saman Punchihewa is a highly qualified Consultant Neurologist with interests in neurophysiology, epilepsy and general neurology. Dr Punchihewa holds public appointments at Monash Medical Centre and Frankston Hospitals with a significant role in the Neurophysiology department at Monash Neurology.

Dr Punchihewa completed his high school in Sri Lanka (Rahula College, Matara). He was awarded an Australian Government Scholarship (John Crawford Scholarship) to study Medicine & Surgery in Australia and also received Dean’s Honors in two consecutive years at medical school. His undergraduate medical training was undertaken at Melbourne University and clinical training was at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

After completion of medical training, he went to New Zealand where he did his Basic physician training at Christchurch and Dunedin Hospitals. Then he completed one year of Neurology post-graduate training through the Adult Medicine Division of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians at Dunedin hospital, before returning to Australia. After seven-month fellowship in neurology with a major component in Neurophysiology testing & research involving stroke, he undertook second year of advanced training in Neurology at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. Dr Punchihewa completed his Fellowship in Neurophysiology at Monash Medical Centre/ Monash Neurology which involved training in electromyography/nerve conduction studies as well as Autonomic reflex screening testing and epilepsy.

Dr Punchihewa is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists & American Academy of Neurologists and maintains an active interest in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. He trains advanced trainee neurology registrar at Box Hill Hospital in Electrophysiological testing. Dr Punchihewa has ongoing medical and scientific research interests including long term study of patients with small fibre neuropathy.

Dr Punchihewa is dedicated to providing high quality neurophysiological testing. He has excellent communication skills and sensitivity to cultural and individual needs of individual patients as well as other professionals.