Migraine and Headache Service

At Neurology Network Melbourne we run a comprehensive Migraine and Headache Service.

Migraine Management Principals – a seminar with A/Prof David Williams

Migraine Specialist Neurologists

All of our patients are seen by Neurologists specialising in Migraine and Headache Neurology. We usually suggest a range of treatment options including lifestyle changes, physical therapies, non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapies.

We manage patients both as out-patients and, if needed, as in-patients for more advanced treatment of headache. In-house practitioners provide specialised massage and medical acupuncture for treatment.

Non-tablet treatments for migraine

We advocate a broad palate of treatments for migraine, including the appropriate use of acupuncture and massage therapies for migraine prevention and treatment. We have an in house medical acupuncturist and refer patients for masseurs who specialize in the treatment of migraine.

Injectable treatments for migraine, including local anaesthetics, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants are commonly used treatments within this practice. These injections work by reducing the build up of sensitization of pain.

Wearable devices, such as Cephaly can also be of benefit to patients with migraine.

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